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Quick Takes: 5 Predictions for Digital Health in 2022

Here are some quick takes on predictions for digital health in 2022.

Greater Acceptance of Digital Health Will Continue

Continuing a trend that was started during the pandemic, acceptance of digital health will continue to grow in 2022. The explosion of telehealth during the pandemic will help all digital health endeavors to become more mainstream. As a result, remote monitoring will also see an increase in acceptance. The general public will encourage the use of digital health due to its convenience and compel the medical community to employ it in patients’ care. Healthcare providers will continue to figure out how digital health can work into clinical workflows.

Big Investment in Digital Health Continues

Digital health will continue to be a hot sector for growth. The current estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.5%. The size of the digital health market is estimated to $650 billion (€574.2) by 2026.

Fewer Approved Digital Health Therapeutics

Despite increased investment in digital health, digital health startups will continue to face challenges with developing meaningful clinical data to accelerate clinical acceptance and reimbursement. This in turn will result in lower FDA approvals or approvals for reimbursement by insurers.

Artificial Intelligence Continues to Grow Its Impact

Artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to be integrated into digital health and clinical practice. In particular, AI will be used to develop clinical decision support tools. The first areas where AI will be utilized more widely are in remote patient monitoring, radiology, and pathology.

Interoperability Efforts Continue

Interoperability will continue to be a focus in the development of digital health. Continued development in APIs and pipelines to integrate it into existing systems will help to overcome challenges with clinical acceptance.

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